The Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki with the support of Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe founded “Alkyone” Refugee Day Center on June 2016. Following the clearing of the Idomeni impromptu camp in the spring of 2016, refugees transferred to accommodation sites and within cities, with organized services absent in the later.

Alkyone provides basic services; food service, clothing, NFIs, personal hygiene and social services; to vulnerable migrants, asylum seekers, recognized refugees and local residents. Alkyone’s Social Service determines the services each persons can receive, following individual needs assessment.

Alkyone is the only remaining Day Center in Thessaloniki providing basic services. 




For the best possible provision of humanitarian assistance, Alkyone has fostered collaborations with other organizations in the area. Among them SolidarityNow, Arsis, Praksis, the Greek Counsel for Refugees, Médecins du Monde, UNHCR, IOM, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, public agencies, Refugee Accommodation Sites and the Public Health System. The collaboration is bilateral, with Alkyone referring to other organizations beneficiaries for services it does not provide, and other organizations referring to Alkyone beneficiaries for its services. 




Alkyone Refugee Day Center is supported by Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe since 2016 and Brot für die Welt since 2019. Alkoyne’s program funding ends December 2020 and we looking for funding to be able to continue our program.