Since the beginning of Alkyone’s operations, volunteers were vital for the clothing and NFI distribution services. Until June 2020, 801 volunteers from 34 countries volunteered their services, with quite a few of them refugees themselves.

The contribution of volunteers from the Global Contact Volunteer Program of ActionAid Denmark has been significant. We would like to thank Laura Klitnaes and Jakob Dall for the video they created.



My three months in Alkyone was one of the best three months in my life. The stay was so moving and did a lot good to me! Seeing how other people are living and the different conditions made me a more grateful person. And then I made a lot of friends from all around the world! All the way from USA to Estonia. Literally!

Furkan Ü.


“I had a very enriching experience at Alkyone – you get really close to the people you work with, and you get a very direct sense of the size of the problem. It felt really good to be able to help an organization like Alkyone, who are doing such a big difference. Even though I was just a small fish in a large pond.”

Laura K.


“The two months I have spent at Alkyone has indeed been both the most eye-opening as well as giving months I have ever experienced. You get to meet and come close to people that have been through a nightmare and slowly see them get back on their feet. The stories I have been told have frightened me, but most definitely ensured me that people are beautiful – and we have to take care of each other.”

Lise H.


“My experience as a volunteer at Alkyone was a truly great and developing experience, an experience which I will never forget. It was lovely to get to know the team behind Alkyone and the other volunteers and through those relations learn about other cultures, primarily the Greek of course. Through the meaningful work at the day center you got a sense of how important it is to help where help is needed, and you met the humans who are genuinely searching for a better life, but so often referred to by cold statistics in politics or newspaper articles.”

Jonathan B.


«I spent 8 weeks volunteering at Alkyone, spring 2018. It was a great experience for to meet both the other personnel and the refugees, who came to Alkyone. So, even for me at age 68, it’s an amazing thing to be allowed to experience.

Inger N.


I can only say that I enjoyed my ten weeks as a volunteer at Alkyone, and that it is one of the reasons why I returned in the autumn 2019 to teach English and German to refugees. I enjoyed the experience and getting to know the staff, other volunteers and all the other helpers from many countries and among them refugees. I enjoyed being able to make a difference in a very lively, enthusiastic and busy environment and to help and talk to the “customers”. I might even consider to return; but since I’m a qualified teacher, I think it is worthwhile to teach.

Lis G.



“I was working as a volunteer at Alkyone for about three months, and what amazing three months it was! The people I worked with everyday made the experience and the work a delight, and although some days were tougher than others, we always had each other. Andreana was a true mother to all us volunteers and there was no problem too big or small – we could always come to her and talk. The community we build was very unique, and I miss the friends I made at Alkyone a lot. The work was very rewarding as well, and the many different people and cultures you will have the pleasure of meeting will be an eye opening and rewarding experience. I would recommend anyone to work at Alkyone who wants to work with like minded people who care about others and the world, and to people who want to make sure they are making a difference in lives that really need an extra helping hand.

Love from Olivia”

Olivia P.


“We are Johan and Lasse form Germany, and we are  volunteering to the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki since last November. The severe restrictions due to Covid-19, has restricted so far the time we spent at the Alkyone Day Center. However, we have been enthusiastic about this project since day one. The work at the distribution of clothes was not difficult, and it felt good to be working for the right thing. The constant restrictions imposed by new measures left one question unanswered: Didn’t the limited operation also mean an even more limited quality of life for all the people who do not have much?

Especially in times like these, humanitarian aid is even more important and organizations like Alkyone are the best way to support people with urgent needs.

On one hand, we are trying to accept the limitations of the organizations, but on the other hand, thinking of our privileged position we would like to contribute as much as we can. It leaves us with a distressed feeling to know we cannot provide everything required to people in need, but we try to accept the limitations and offer the most we can.”

Johan & Lasse


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