“Alkyone” Refugee Day Center in collaboration with Medical Volunteers International e.V. will provide 200 meals, bottled water, and other NFIs daily, as well as clothing items to homeless refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Thessaloniki.
“Alkyone” will provide the abovementioned to MVI that will handle the distribution. MVI will also receive from the beneficiaries clothes to be washed and deliver them to “Alkyone”, making the laundry service provision possible.
The exclusion and isolation of socially vulnerable people that has escalated during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the underfunction of structures providing support to these people, raised our great concern.
Therefore, we sought for solutions, bearing in mind and keeping all the necessary safety measures, in order to continue providing our services to these vulnerable groups.

We would like to thank UNHCR GREECE for their great donation in NFIs, which will be distributed in the framework of the activities described.