Food Services

Alkyone operates a professional kitchen conforming to Health Department regulations, including HACCP. Experienced staff prepares the meals, which are served in Alkyone’s dining area.

Monday through Friday, at least 100 beneficiaries can enjoy breakfast and lunch. The menu draws from the Mediterranean cosine and lunch includes a main course, salad, fruit, bread and tea. 

Service hours are: breakfast 09:15 to 10:30 and lunch 11:30 to 13:30.





 Clothing & NFI Distribution

Clothing articles and footwear come from donations from individuals and other organizations. Staff and volunteers short items daily.

Beneficiaries have the opportunity to browse through a well-organized space to choose items they need.

Alkyone’s Social Services coordinates distribution of diapers, infant formula and sleeping bags, following individual assessments based on vulnerability.




Personal Hygiene

Laundries & Showers

In a professionally designed area, beneficiaries can launder their clothing and take a shower. There are four washers-dryers and two shower stalls.

The service is provided by appointment, by calling (2315) 530644 or messaging Alkyone’s Facebook page @alkyonedaycenter .




Social Services

Social Workers, Translators and a Nurse compose Alkyone’s Social Services team.

Social Services are responsible for registering beneficiaries, conducting needs assessment, referrals to other organizations for services not provided, as well as assistance in dealing with public services.

It ensures resolution to any issues that may arise from Alkyone’s services and organizes individual and group meetings with beneficiaries to receive feedback.

New beneficiaries can register daily from 09:30 to 12:30.