Alkyone has organized and participated in various intercultural activities. The goal is to bring together the local community with Alkyone’s beneficiaries, so both can have the opportunity to get to know the various cultures and their customs.

For Alkyone’s beneficiaries they provide the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Greek and European civilization and have the ability from a smooth integration in the local community.

World Refugee Day at Ancient Roman place

A narration of refugee stories about monuments and sites of the places where they lived, in the Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki (in the context of the World Refugee Day).

Multilingualism event at the City Hall

“I dreamed of a nest”, an event with stories of people who shared their feelings and experiences about their homeland, home, family, the trip to Greece, the losses, and the struggle to make their dream happen. (Multilingual Festival)

Ancient Roman Museum

Visit the Museum of Ancient Agora. Heartfelt welcome and a wonderful tour by the archaeologists YannisKarliambas and Zoe Billy, who had with us an imaginary trip to the past.

Narrating stories in Salonic Festival

In a warm atmosphere and in the beautiful space of the Refugee Museum of the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykes, the performance of the narration team of our Center entitled “2 Stories from Elsewhere” was successfully held in the context of the events of the SalonIC: Symbiosis’ n ‘InterCulturality (November 24-25, 2018)

Folklore Museum of Thessaloniki

Guided tour of the Folklore Museum of Thessaloniki. It is a Museum that always has its doors open to all people who are thirsty to learn more about the culture and folklore of Greece, especially the North part.

Games of The World

“Games of the World” flooded the pedestrian street of Agia Sophia in the activities organized by our center on the occasion of World Refugee Day. For two hours, the action “I know the Other while playing” filled the spot with laughter creating a pleasant image

Second Select Respect Festival

An evening dedicated to refugee and art artists, this universal language of people that creates conditions for communication and dialogue and makes us members of a wider community. (2nd Select Respect Film Festival)

Celebration of Multilingualism

A wonderful cloudy afternoon at the “Celebration of multilingualism 2018” that was enriched with the sounds of the percussion group of “Alcyone” that took place in collaboration with the music group Music Soul Action.

Visit the White Tower with a team from Afghanistan and Iran.

Visit the White Tower with a team from Afghanistan and Iran. The White Tower is always a place of great interest to all refugees. It is a place where the whole history of the city is presented, bringing people in contact with it. Once again, we left with the best impressions. We thank the Museum of Byzantine Culture for excellent cooperation!

First Day of Spring

On March 21, “Alcyone” celebrated the first day of Spring with poems in 5 languages (Farsi, Kurdish, Arabic, Greek, and English). In a multicultural audience, Poetry said its own word against racism, praising Man and equality

“Alkyone” narrates at the 3rd Thessaloniki Storytelling Festival

In one of the most important events of the city, a work by the amazing group Lupus in Fabula – Storytelling Group, gave us space and time to create, to narrate and communicate.

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Alkyone” visited the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the exhibition “Common Sacred Places” and it was a truly unprecedented experience.

 Cave of Petralona

Alkyone” welcomed in September with an excursion to the Cave of Petralona. The discussion that followed was of cultural and environmental interest, emphasizing the responsibility humanity has towards the protection of Nature. We thank from the bottom of our hearts the employees of the Petralona Cave for their hospitality!

Places, Words and Memories

“Places, Words and Memories”, an action of the virtual tour team of the “Alkyonis” Refugee Day Center. (5th Multilingual Festival at the City Hall of Thessaloniki).